Chocolate Candy Bar Handbag

It's not a secret that girls love chocolate and bags, so why not combine the two to one yummy and stylish handbag?

Now you can have your chocolate with out the calories šŸ™‚ This chic looking candy handbag measures 8 1/2 inches x 41/2 inches x 4 1/2 inches and has a removable strap, so you can wear is like a handbag or as aĀ clutch.

Chocolate Candy Bar Handbag 1 Another cute thing about this bag is that to open it you grab the littleĀ chocolateĀ cube, nice! This bag can be yours forĀ 39.99Ā and yes there'sĀ a coin purse and makeup bag you can purchaseĀ for the ultimate set. This little brown bag is in a perfect size so it will hold most essential items ā€” lipstick, phone,money and of course some chocolate. Chocolate Candy Bar Handbag