Geeky Christmas Stockings

Christmas has a-lot of symbols and traditions. One of the traditions is to hang stockings on Christmas eve so that Santa can fill it with toys, candy, fruit, coins or other small gifts when he arrives. Well, we all know Santa is not really coming to put surprises in the stockings in Christmas eve but if you have kids, who are interested in geeky stuff and you want to surprise them here are some very awesome geeky Christmas stockings.

Star Wars Christmas Stockings

If you or your kids are fans of Star Wars (we all are), you'd love these stockings that look like the characters from the movie. 22" Star Wars Talking Yoda Christmas Stocking - get it at amazon for 37.79$. Source
22" Star Wars Darth Vader 3-D Head Christmas Stocking- Get it for 34.99$ at Source Star Wars Clone Trooper Holiday Stocking- Get it for 20.99$ at Amazon. Source

Angry Birds Christmas Stockings

If your kid has an iPad or an iPhone he probably knows and loves Angry Birds, and would love to get one of these Angry Birds stockings. Get the Black /red angry bird or the piggy for 16.95$ at Toys N Joys.   Source

Hello Kitty  Christmas Stockings

Hello Kitty plush pink Christmas stocking, Get it for 16.50$ at Sanrio.                           Source Kurt Adler Hello Kitty plush head stocking. Get it for 18.28$ at Amazon.    

Mario Bros Christmas stockings

Get it at game stop.                     Source