Clothes Hanger Lamp

Though hanging your garment of choice may seem like a mundane task, you can bring some style and fun into it by bringing home this Clothes Hanger Lamp, which has got an instant light installation. So, now you can light up your closet by placing this Clothes Hanger Lamp inside. You may even light up your room with this product, albeit with a difference. Clothes Hanger Lamp Designed by Hector Serrano, the Clothes Hanger Lamp that measures 16" x 8.7" x 2" in dimensions and can be yours at $299 Made of acrylic and compact fluorescent light having the power of 11 watt, this product is sure to create a dreamy space if you decide to keep it somewhere in your room, instead of stacking it up in your closet. So, keep your shirt and other garments unwrinkled and hang them in style with this Clothes Hanger Lamp. For some other innovative lighting ideas, check out the Dreamlite Floor Lamps and the Bloom Lamp.