25 NOT Your Traditional Grandma’s Russian Nesting Dolls

We remember being fascinated for hours by Russian Nesting Dolls at Grandma’s house when we were younger; It was amazing to see the way that the different Matryoshka dolls would fit into each another all nice and snug. While we no longer get our kicks by seeing the traditional Russian Dolls from our youth, we could still appreciate the variety of geeky and cool designs that they come in. In this awesome collection, we have gathered 25 “Not your Grandma’s kind of Russian Nesting Dolls” which could make the geek within you appreciate the Nostalgia and the old time tradition.

Star Wars Nesting Dolls

star wars matryoshka dolls

Any Star Wars geek would have a difficult time to put these Russian Nesting Dolls down, and it would take tremendous Jedi force to keep your hands off of them.

star wars russian dolls

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Evangelion Nesting Dolls

Fans of the Anime hit Evangelion would simply adore this Rei collection of Russian Matryoshka dolls that bring Manga to the old tradition with bright colors and theme.

evalngelion rei russian dolls

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Star Trek Matryoshka Set

This may be the original cast of Star Trek characters, even before Star Trek the Next Generation, but it is definitely a collectible for any Trekkie that could helo you boldly go back to your childhood days.

star trek russian dolls

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Computer Memory Russian Doll Set

computer memory russian nesting dolls

Any geek would appreciate the way that the computer memory measurements are stacked up inside one another, which could also be a good way to remember the differences and sizes. Here we have two separate versions: all white or designer black with a colorful inside.

computer memory russian matryoshka dolls

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Linux Penguin Nesting Dolls

These aren’t official Linux Penguins Matryoshka Dolls, but any geek who is familiar with the Linux Operating System could definitely understand the resemblance. Besides, they are cute no matter if you are familiar with the Linux Operating System or not.

linux penguin matryoshka dolls

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Batman Characters Nesting Dolls

Definitely a fan’s artwork, Batman and his most famous rivals (the Joker, Catwoman, Two Face and the Penguin) are colorfully crafted as a cool collectible for Comic geeks.

batman characters russian dolls

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Matryoshka Bots

robot russian dolls

No Geek collection would be finished without a touch of some Robot love, and these Russian Dolls Robots show the love and also that they have a heart attachment. The second ones are crafted together and the third set are cartoon like with all three providing a non-traditional look.

robot matryoshka dolls

bad robot russian dolls

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Super Mario Brothers Nesting Dolls

Another cool homemade project of a gaming geek, this fan’s artwork visits the popular Super Mario Brothers game and doesn’t spare on the characters as Russian Nesting Dolls. This set includes Super Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, Bowser and a few additional Nintendo characters from the popular game.

super mario brothers russian nesting dolls

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Mobile Evolution Matryoshka

These Matryohska dolls creation isn’t just creative but also allows us to see the true evolution of cellphone by size, looks and portability. Each phone fits snug inside its predecessor and should help us appreciate the innovation of mobile phones.

mobile phone evolution matryoshka russian nesting dolls

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Left 4 Dead Russian Dolls

These Russian Nesting dolls are created in Ode of the Left 4 Dead video game characters and look rather evil, making us rather want to play the game then play with this set.

left 4 dead russian dolls

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Horror Movie Characters Russian Dolls

Geeks don’t only have to be into Technology or Gaming, for some may also enjoy an occasional Horror flick. So from the classic films such as Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Dracula and a few more, here is a homemade Russian Doll collection that could raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

horror movie characters matryoshka nesting dolls

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Bonus Musicians Russian Dolls:

The Beatles Matryoshka Nesting Dolls

beatles matryoshka dolls

beatles russian matroshka nesting dolls

Some geeks also love different music, but these are simply a few colorful Russian dolls inspired by probably the most famous band ever…the Beatles. In each of the four sets, John Lennon is the main doll with Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr following along.

the beatles russian dolls

the beatles russian matrioshka nesting dolls

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Michael Jackson Russian Dolls

michael jackson matryoshka dolls

May Michael Jackson rest in peace!

This is great fan’s artwork long before the King of Pop’s death that shows Michael through the years and inspires additional artwork.

michael jackson russian nesting dolls

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David Bowie Matryoshka

david bowie matryoshka russian nesting dolls

David Bowie is an artist who I would believe could appreciate this creation by Tanja Stark and could probably write a hit song on Russian Dolls taht would accepted by his fans and the rest of the Music world.