Design Your Own Frother Kitchen Gadget

As the coffee drinks like cappuccino etc have risen in fame, so has the number of people who patronize these drinks and love to make their own beverage at home. If you too belong to this league, one tool that you can put to good is the milk frother. Lattes, breves, cappucino and mochas – all taste delicious with their foamy topping made of frothed milk. So, a milk frother would surely serve your purpose.


Though milk frothers come in different varieties like the closed electric frothers or those having a propeller, hand-pump, or whisk, you can create your frother if you have the patience and the right tools. You can draw ideas from this re-design project of Laurent Hongisto that utilized some of the existing components of an IKEA milk frother. Using cutlery to get the right configuration, the creator uses silicone casing and stainless steel – in contrast to each other, where the former holds the different parts in their appropriate place. So, create your own frother with a little help of your innovative mind.

new frother kitchen gadget

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frother kitchen gadget