Geeky Engagement Rings

Every Girl dreams of the day when her prince charming (or her boyfriend) will go down on one knee, ask her the most romantic question in the world and put a ring on her finger.  Of course, this dream is very different in every girl's head... and sometimes the ring is a little different than the classic diamond ring. If you're geeky and you know it you'd probably be very excited to get one of these rings from your boyfriend.

Transformers engagement ring

This special Decepticon engagement ring was designed by the fiance of DeviantArt user Fire-Readhead. Although decepticons are evil, the bride to be loves them and was very happy with this cast in 14k white gold ring. Source

Indiand Jones engagement ring

This Indiana Jones engagement ring was designed by Reddit user Homerliwag for his girlfriend, who is a huge fan of the  Indiana Jones movies. Before Homerliwag gave his gf the ring, he actually gave her a ring box with nothing but a tiny bag of sand inside, and told her Indiana Jones must have gotten there first. A few dayd lster he proposed with this ring. The fancy yellow (her favorite color) diamond represents "The Idol". Source

Star Trek Engagement Ring

this Stunning Sterling Silver Star Trek Engagement Ring is is made from Sterling Silver and white sapphire and looks really beautiful. Source

Hello Kitty Engagement ring

This one is for all you "Hello Kitty" lovers. This unique ring will make every "hello Kitty" fan a very happy girl. Source

Playstation Engagement Ring

DevianArt user ~Strange-1 is the proud owner of this creative engagement Ring based on the Playstation controller. Her boyfriend and her really love playing video games together and she literally grew up on playStation. On either side of the diamond are the symbols from the buttons, with colored gems set in them. Source

DNA Engagement Ring

No ring says "My love for you is in my genes" best than this DNA ring. Source

Stargate Engagement Ring

This amazing ring will make every Stargate fan very Happy. Not only the ring is very cool, it also come in this awesome matching ring box. Just make sure the chevrons aren’t locked when you slide it on 🙂 Source