Interactive Digital Cooking Aid

Want to impress your friends with a recipe despite having no cooking skills? Looking for diets that don’t add up calories? Want to ensure healthy and measured ways of cooking? If your answer is a resounding YES, this device can help. interactive-digital-cooking-aid1 The Interactive Digital Cooking Aid is a foldable device that you can mount on the wall. interactive-digital-cooking-aid2 It has a scale that can handle recipes involving up to 2 kg portions. interactive-digital-cooking-aid3 A fully adjustable removable screen is where you can upload recipes (that have been downloaded from the internet) using Wi-Fi or the USB stick. interactive-digital-cooking-aid4 The recipes are stored on the touch screen interface. Thanks to the meal planning functions, weighing scales and step by step visual instructions, you can cook healthy meals in measured portions. interactive-digital-cooking-aid5 So, bring home the Interactive Digital Cooking Aid to experience a fun and healthy way of eating. For some other useful cooking gadgets, check out the Autonomous saucier and the digital measuring cup. Via: Tuvie