Leaning Paper Towel Holder

How many times have we had to pull out a paper towel using one hand from the roll, only to have it tear into half or in any other shape but straight? leaning-towel-01 leaning-towel-02 Well, if you are one of those like me who almost always have to use one hand to tear the paper towel and always end up tearing it into half, then I am sure you will appreciate the leaning towel, which is an excellent leaning paper towel holder. leaning-towel-03 The body of the leaning towel is made of plastic but it is filled with metal filling at the base, so that it is sturdy and looks good. leaning-towel-04 The construction of this towel holder by Relogik is such that you can actually pull out a paper towel by holding it in line with the roll stand at a certain angle with a single hand. leaning-towel-05 What's more - you will get a perfectly cut paper towel for your use, thereby allowing you to say goodbye to all your paper towel woes. leaning-towel-06 If you are interested in some more useful designs that can serve your home and interior, a look at this Hi-fire cooking stove is worth your time.