Philips Iron design

Ironing your dresses can be a big bother, but not so with the pressurized ironing system from Philips. Whether or not you have had the comfortable ironing experience with Philips iron, you can take a look at the design that replicates the original ergonomic iron quite impressively.

philips iron product design 3

Be it the upward sloping handle designed to reduce the strain on user’s wrists, the soleplate that lets the steam out for removing all creases on your attire, or button to control the steam pressure – every detail is taken care of in this design by LE DU Benoit.

So, the next time you sneer away from ironing your own clothes, roll these magnificent images of the Philips iron in your mind, and who knows – you may never let anyone touch the ironing board where this beautiful, compact ironing system rests.

philips iron product design 2

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philips iron product design 1