Remake Light Magnet

If you want to satiate your creativity by lighting up your interiors in a way that stands apart from the run-of-the-mills designs, Remake Magnet is something that will interest you. This product is a series of reconfigurable forms made of white lacquered aluminum box, Xenon bulb, colored PMMA removable face, and Neodyne magnets, which you can use to make wall lamp, or take the pieces apart, to remake, modify, decompose and recompose the light in tune with your mood. Remake Light Magnet Designed by Elisabeth Hertzfeld, this product will set you back by $529.00. The luminescent blocks of this Remake Magnet can plug into each other and stay there - thanks to the magnetic power, so that you can design forms, lines, and surfaces of light. What’s more, you do not need fix all the pieces to the wall as the magnet can hold the blocks firmly in place. You can get four reconfigurable modules belonging to the same color with each light, along with a cord that can power up to 12 such modules. You may even purchase additional sets of four other modules in one color or sets of removable colored plates, both of which are available separately. For some other innovative lighting options, check out the Dreamlite lamps and the Frosted Scroll Solar Lanterns.