19 Geeky Tea Infuser Designs

A geek is a person who seeks innovation and creativity in the smallest possible thing. For a geek there is no difference between small and big, long and short, usable and unusable, because he sees beauty and capability even in things which are usually considered useless. For instance, who would have thought that something as small as a tea infuser can also be made geeky, innovative, and cool? Technically, a tea infuser is a small container with a string attached to it, and even has meager usability. However, for a geek, it is a new challenge to make that small thing look worthy and cool at the same time. And to prove our point we have brought to you some of the most innovative, cool, and attractive tea infusers, which will make you believe that even the smallest of the things has its importance and worth in this world.

Duo Tea Infuser

I am sure many of the viewers will assume this to be a mini gadget. But this is actually a tea infuser which makes use of nanotechnology for heating. Amazing, isn’t it? Well, all you need to do is fill it up, choose the heating level using the touch screen interface, and get ready for a perfect cup of tea! Source 1

Artistic Tea Infuser

For all those who have flair for freehand drawing, this Artistic Tea Infuser will appeal to them.  In fact, the high point of attraction in this infuser is its smooth and curvy leaf design.  It makes you feel as if you've just headed straight out of a tea garden and got yourself some fresh tea leaves. Source 1


This is a cute strawberry looking tea infuser that can assist you in making a perfect cup of tea. All you need to do is place all the tea leaves in the container, and once placed in the cup, gently blow it.  Your Chigra tea is ready to be served!! Source 1

Seashell Tea Infuser

If you are planning to organize an event by the beach, make sure tea is one of the beverages.  Get ready with all your beachwear and include this marvelous Seashell Tea Infuser too! It will assist you in letting your friends and other guests make the most of the occasion. Source 1

Silver Tea House Tea Infuser

I am sure this tea infuser will find many female fans. And, why not? Just imagine how this cute Tea House Infuser would look like when it infuses the loose tea leaves in a cup of steaming water. Considering the parameter of design, my vote goes to this infuser. Source 1

Tomato Tea Infusers

Generally you make tea using loose leaves and water. But what if someone asked you to add a tomato to it? Probably, you would call the person crazy but allow him to have an explanation. He must be referring to this strong and long-lasting sterling silver Tomato Tea Infuser which is designed by Kevin! Source 1

The Tea Steeper

If you ever had tea or coffee made using a machine, you would know what difference it makes to have it after it is brewed using Tea Steeper Tea Infuser. Amongst all the types of infuser mentioned in this article, this one is not only the most portable, but hassle-free too!! Source 1

Tovolo Tea Infuser

Now here is a tea infuser that is easy to use and hold. How many times have you gotten tired and regretted cleaning the stains of tea bags from the cups. I am sure many agree to it. But looking at this Tovolo Tea Infuser, you can only thank Tovolo. This stainless steel Tovolo Tea Infuser is dishwasher safe, durable, and easy to store. Source 1

Tea Stick

Are you worried your tea infuser will slide in to your cup of tea? Rest assured. Now you have this Tea Stick Tea Infuser that is similar to a spoon which allows you to properly keep the loose leaves placed in. Once it is closed using the perforated cover and stirred in to hot water, you have your tea ready in the traditional way! Source 1

Shark Tea Infuser

Has anyone ever told you that drinking tea could be adventurous? You might not believe me, but this Shark Tea Infuser adds the much needed spark to your tea. With this tea infuser, you can only dream of being on a yacht, sailing across the blue waters of the ocean, and chasing sharks. Source 1

Nerdy Tea Infuser

Here’s something that every nerd might want to buy. This Nerdy Tea Infuser has a large hole at the back and is covered with a grid. The infuser assists in retaining the leaves inside while letting the water in and out of the infuser. Fantastic, is all I have to say! Source 1

Porcelain Tea Infuser

Want to experience luxury with a dash of fun? This Porcelain Tea Infuser is a three-piece gadget which will draw attention from all the ladies because of its sheer design. Once you have placed it in the teacup, you can make use of the chain and white knob to lower it in the cup to get a well-flavored tea. Source 1

Hot T Wand

Imagine you get everything you want by just uttering the words ‘Hocus Pocus’. Wonderful, isn’t it? Alas, you can’t do that because you are not a magician, but with this Hot T Wand tea you can at least let those magical words serve you with a hot cup of tea Source 1

T-Man Tea Strainer

Does it look like a mini robot? Yes indeed, but this is actually a tea infuser designed to attract all the gizmo freaks. Though it is yet a concept, it still looks impressive and something that needs to be made real. Jeewon Jung was probably aiming to create this T-Man Tea Strainer to brew your tea to the best. Source 1

Bamboo Tea Infuser

This is what I term as having tea in its traditional sense. Add the ingredients to this wicker infuser, and dip it in the cup until you get the required color. Even if you are away from the tea gardens, this Bamboo Tea Infuser will make you feel as if you are enjoying a perfect cup of tea in the mountains. Source 1

Tea Forte Friday

A piece of advice – not everybody would like to try this tea infuser. Those of you, who love to try new things, can check out Tea Forte Friday. Some say Oolong teas taste like the brown bags. So make sure when you have it, the tea is warm and not cold; or else you will end up regretting your choice of infuser. Source 1

Fruity Tea Infusers

It is a Sunday morning and you wouldn’t want to opt for the same regular tea that you have during weekdays, would you? Absolutely not! How about strawberry tea or pear tea? These Fruity Tea Infusers make perfect gifts for your friends and families who find it difficult to survive without tea! Source 1

Muppet Tea Infuser

Who would have imagined that muppets can be useful in the kitchen too? Don’t believe me? Take a look at this image and you will see how it helps to make a perfect cup of tea for your mornings. Just add the leaves in this infuser and drop it in steamy water. Source 1

Tardis Tea Infuser

What better way to brew your tea than using this Tardis Tea Infuser? This English Police Box is the equipment that will set your mood on an early Monday morning. Built using brass and silver, the infuser is joined using tiny hidden rivets and hand patinated. Source 1