Time Light: an innovative LED lighting option for your interiors

If you are a fan of LED lighting options, check out this innovative Time Light. Time Light As part of modern interior lighting options, many amongst us use LED lamps to brighten our interiors – be it the rooms, kitchens, or even bathrooms. Time Light-2 However, if you want to bring some designer LED lamps that not only get their basics right but are also good to look at, the hourglass shaped Time Light would be a good bet. Time Light-3 Maltani Lighting, the maker of this Time Light, showcased it during the International LED EXPO & OLED EXPO 2010, which was held in Korea. Time Light-4 So, whether you want to go for a makeover of your interiors or simply want to enhance the mood of your rooms, the exquisite Time Light that uses a 12W LED can help. Time Light-5 For some other original lighting options that will mesmerize your guests, take a look at Chaos and the PZL Lamp. Via: AVING USA