Twister Fork Design: Perfect Cutlery for Spaghetti

Foodies now have a reason to rejoice for the new Twister fork allows them to eat Italian food with complete enjoyment and minimum mess.



If you are an Italian food lover and enjoy eating spaghetti, then I am sure you know the problems of eating your favorite food with a spoon. Moreover, regular forks require practice and patience to ensure that the spaghetti gets rolled onto it and actually enters your mouth, instead of falling back into the plate.


With the Twister fork, you need not worry about such eventualities as the very nature of the fork allows the spaghetti to roll on very easily, thereby making eating an enjoyable experience.


You can easily roll the spaghetti onto the fork and the crooked lines of it actually help in ensuring that the pasta stays in place and does not fall off. So, with the Twister fork from Relogik at your service, no more silence or great concentration is needed for eating your spaghetti. Rather, get your twister fork and eat to your heart’s content while not missing out on any conversation.


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