The 3D Shot Cam Toy Camera

Has anyone realized how true it is when one says that a photo speaks a thousand words? Well, give it a moment’s thought. A picture captures every striking part of your life which passes away in a flash and helps you in revisiting those beautiful moments as and when you want to.Thanks to Sir John Herschel to have coined the term photography meaning light and writing in Greek. Alhazen introduced the first pinhole camera to the world which was also called the Camera Obscura. This camera was used to produce the first ever photographic illustration in 1827. The chemical process of photography followed next with Louis Daguerre experimenting further to also figure out that image taken, if immersed in salt, could be made permanent. But many pundits and artists were against these upcoming inventions. But the many experiments continued. And in 1835, the first paper negative was produced and further into the future, improvements were kept being made to only increase quality with every picture taken.

What made a mark or turning point was the foreword of the dry plate process. And by 1940s, color films were made commercial and available and the inventions and discoveries went on and on.

It was in 1984 that the first digital still camera was introduced by Canon. Well, the progress that the camera industry has made is very evident with the range of digital cameras available in the market. And it was almost over 150 years ago that 3D photography existed through Professor Charles Wheatstone’s belief. An instrument called the stereoscope was invented to view images in 3D and since last hundred years it’s one of the most well-liked type of entertainment.

And hence, one would definitely be proud to own a camera that could produce 3D images. This is why the Japanese company, Takara-Tomy, has come out with the 3D Shot Cam, a toy cam combined with the 3D technology. Now, it isn’t just any mere toy of plastic where kids can press knobs and buttons and play. But it is indeed a camera with two lenses capable of taking original pictures. Over the past years many award-winning pictures have been clicked by professional photographers using toy cameras.

One can take pictures in 3D, with this cam, which when printed out can be viewed with special glasses. This camera is splendid when it comes to taking close up shots since objects in the images pop right out up close. The package includes a camera of pink or white color, two 3D shot viewers to view the clicked and printed pictures and a manual in Japanese. The cam, that weighs not more than 100 grams, has a 0.3 megapixel sensor for taking small prints and has SD card slot but the card isn’t included in the pack.

The 3D shot cam is nothing different from an expensive 3D digital camera since the same thing is output by both of them.  At a price of US$77, this product is worth a buy and kids are sure to love it. One can get this 3D camera shipped at $19 only .

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