5 Space Saving Kitchen Gadgets

If you have a small kitchen and you just love to cook, you know how easily it can get messy. I gathered 5 stylish space saving gadgets and tools that will help you keep your little kitchen well equipped and organized.

Vegetable keep sacks

This is a very aesthetic way to store and preserve onions, potatoes and garlic, without taking a-lot of space because it can be hung on a wall or kitchen rail for handy access. The sacks come in different sizes and has double-drawstring design that makes it easy to add vegetables at the top and remove from the bottom as needed. Get it for 8.95$-11.95$ at ReuseIt.

Herb Savor mini pod

Usually after you use herbs like parsley, cilantro or deal for a certain dish, you end up with at least 1/2 a package left and after a few days in the fridge it goes to the garbage because it doesn’t stay fresh. The herb mini pod by Prepara helps you keep herbs fresh for 3 weeks (!), and the best thing about it is that it can be stored on the fridge door so it saves you space in the fridge itself! Get it for 14.99$ at Prepara.

Fridge mount for iPad

When I try to follow a recipe from the internet or to watch a video recipe i’m always having trouble with finding a place for mu iPad in the kitchen, without it getting wet or stand in my way. The fridge mount for iPad is a great idea because it lets you hang the iPad on the fridge door, far away from the cooking area and without taking any space. Get it at Amazon for 39.99$.

 Kitchen Sink Organizer

This genius gadget is designed by an Israeli design company called Studio Armadillo. The kitchen sink organizer helps you organize the scotch-bright, rag and more- inside the sink, without taking any space outside of the sink!

 Spices storage

The Popsome Herbs & Spices is a practical and stylish way to store spices. Get it at Vacu Vin.