ABC Flexible Book : Electronic Learning Experience for the Kids

Learning when combined with an audio visual medium proves to be doubly effective. If this is adopted from the early years of learning a strong base is developed which can never be shaken in future. Designer Roberto Reyes seems to understand this aspect of learning very well and has come up with this wonderful learning book for children.

This is no ordinary book that you could have come across till now. ABC Flexible Book is a book that combines the activities of reading and writing for the child. Flexible here does not mean flexibility in form but in the method of usage. It has everything that you could want your child to have to learn the very basics of the English language. After all if you do not know your ABC how do you go on to make a word and later sentences?

Electronic Learning for Kids 1

The carry along electronic book opens like any other book and physically contains only two pages, the cover pages. Built inside each of these cover pages are numerous electronic pages that contain a storehouse of learning for beginners. On the inside of both cover pages is a screen, each one different in texture. On the left screen is displayed a letter, word or phrase. The right side presents an animation of the letter on the left teaching the method to write it. With a plastic net covering it creates a texture to be felt and traced by the child. Along with it a microphone over the screen pronounces the letter or word that is displayed. The child hears and observes each letter, word or phrase displayed on the screens and at the same time practices it out on his own. Since the ABC Flexible Book involves the three senses of sight, hearing and touch distraction is not possible and hence leads to complete involvement of the child ensuring successful learning.


Being an electronic device it needs to be switched on and the button can be found under the left screen. Navigation from one page to another is controlled by the arrow shaped navigation buttons under the right screen.

Electronic Learning for Kids 3

The electronic book that combines both a reading book as well as a workbook is a new step in the field of teaching. Where everything is going electronic why leave behind children material. Roberto Reyes, in his profile mentions designing goods of children as one of his favorite tasks and this little piece of creation definitely proves his point.

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