Alice in Wonderland Cake: A Work Of Art

With the dashing Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, Tim Burton’s own take on this gorgeous fairytale made Alice in Wonderland shoot to fame and popularity.  The Alice in Wonderland cake, another by product of the famous tale, is a wonderful personal interpretation and representation of the story.Alice in Wonderland Cake A Work Of Art

This scrumptious Alice in Wonderland cake created by the master of cake-baking, Chocmocakes is sure to gain a lot of popularity and would make a wonderful birthday cake in any Alice in Wonderland theme party much like another Alice in Wonderland Cake and a scrumptious Cheshire Cat Cake. This cake would be an enticing treat for any child who is enchanted by the movie or the fairytale and for any adult who has a sweet tooth as Alice in Wonderland is a very unconventional and twisted story that fascinates adults as well. This Alice in Wonderland cake has been so skillfully and artistically created that it seems to capture and convey the magic and element of mystique of the original story. It is a fondant covered cake with fondant and gum paste accessories like Alice and the Mad Hatter’s pocket watch on the bottom and a beautiful cup to drink tea at the tea party along with the Cheshire cat perched on the very top of the cake. It’s too delicious to even eat!

You may not be able to make a movie but through this beautiful and fantastic cake, it is evident that you can certainly put those creativity skills and cake-baking skills to good use and still do justice to a marvelous story!