Amazing Origami That Will Take Your Breath Away

Origami literally meaning ‘fold paper’ is the Japanese art of creating representations of objects by folding or creasing of paper. Although one does come across various small origami patterns, I have never seen anythings as complicated and beautiful as these. Every detail is intricate and is definitely both complicated as well as time consuming to make.

origami swan

Qiao Chang has crafted these cunningly, and with much thought, such as this Tetris patterns that comes together to make a cube of many colors that definitely catches your eye.

origami tetris

origami soma cube

Every one of these are obviously modular, and made using various pieces of paper, but I really cannot see how they hold on with just folds and no glue or adhesive.

origami panda & pig

Origami is a hobby for many and these will definitely be inspirational for them and they would probably spend time figuring out exactly how each piece was made. It most certainly is a very novel idea for a gift, which shows the effort and thought that you have put in. Also if you were as creative your gift would be made with specific thoughts of the person it is meant for. Origami would also look amazing on your tree come Christmas!

origami  pochacco