An Electrolux Cooker That Understands Your Needs

For every one of you who never cook at home even if it means not getting anything to eat, because you do not want any interruptions to your work, here’s a new Electrolux cooker that understands you.

Electrolux cooker concept

The Electrolux cookit is your personal cooker that has an interface with your desktop. When the food is cooked and ready to eat, the cooker sends a message on your desktop, so you don’t have to waste any time checking on your food. So now all you have to do, is put what you want in the cooker and continue on with your work till you get the message, and you can then break for a meal whenever.

Electrolux cooker concept design

This product was designed by Helder Filipov for the Electrolux DesignLab contest in 2008 and was also a finalist at the Concept Design Awards.

Electrolux cooker concept gadget

These Kitchen Gadgets are small, portable and trendy and can be carried with you wherever you go, and it looks chic and nice and can be kept on your desk at you workplace, or at home. Also there are various patterns, designs and colors, to suit various surroundings.

Electrolux cooker kitchen gadget