Baby Bidou MP3 Player Puts Music in a Teddy

Music, along with just about every other media, is always at our fingertips these days. Just about every electronic device we have now can also play music, so why not bring that accessibility to your child as well? Now you can, thanks to the Baby Bidou MP3 Player. This isn’t your old Fisher Price tape recorder, but a Teddy bear shaped mp3 player designed for kids ages zero and up. I am not sure why you would want it for an age zero baby, but the recommendation is there.

These little Teddy Tunes-A-Lots can hold up to 32 hours of music. Since they are meant to be around infants, the construction is solid and durable. No matter how much they want to smash and throw this little teddy, he will keep on trucking with the tunes. It supports MP3, WAV, and WMA formats, and parents are able to disable certain buttons such as, say, volume control. Your little toddler can try to bring the roof down with a maxxed out volume level, but the teddy will keep him or her in check. Everything you need to get started is included, such as the USB cable and battery compartment with screws. You will need 2 AA batteries to power these bad boys. There is even a sleep timer function on the bear for playing a lullaby at bed time. Nice, right?  Well all this functionality doesn’t come without a price, and that price is $59.99

If a teddy bear mp3 player isn’t your style, you can provide your kid with some musical entertainment even if they are still in the womb thanks to the RITMO Prenatal Musical System. That thing looks like serious business. If you want your kid to be the next Paul Oakenfold, then pick them up a USB DJ Mix Turntable speaker. All the fun of being a DJ in the palm of their tiny little hands.