A Cool Vacuum Cleaner for Non-Domestic Purposes

There are any number and varieties of vacuum cleaners available everywhere. But most of them are for homes or office purposes. Have you heard of a specific vacuum cleaner that can be used in cleaning public spaces? Then Dust ball is the one to look out for. It is a robot vacuum cleaner, specifically designed for use in public spaces.Dust ball is strong, industrial and highly flexible enough to go over thresholds and cables. But it does not have an industrial appearance. Neither does it look like a typical robot. Dave Hakkens, who designed Dust ball, was inspired by a basketball, while designing it. It’s like a little buddy hat you can just roll around, push or kick in any direction you need, to clean up that space. You just need to kick it around while you clean, and you can have loads of fun too. Dust ball resembles a tiny ball, but don’t be deceived- it can do loads of cleaning for you.

The Dust ball just rolls on while absorbing dust and debris lying in its way. And how does it roll? There are two axes inside that helps it to move in any direction. When the ball is full of debris and dirt, it goes back to its original position and glows brightly. The Dust ball moves easily over any obstacle in its path. Magnets turn on and off to open it. Finally, it empties its content of debris and rests in its docking station to get charged.

The Dust ball can be charged easily using wireless charging. Air blows out of its corners effectively to remove dust. By moving its weight around, the dust ball navigates too.  You can easily mistake Dust ball for a child’s ball lying around. The motor fixed inside the robotic Dust ball doubles up as a dustbin and drives the ball effectively by rotating on two axes to generate enough leeway and power to move. When the ball is full of dust and grime, it returns to its starting point and glows bright.

The Dust ball rolls about rooms and public spaces freely since it is well equipped with an internal motor that constantly shifts its centre of gravity. This awesome concept of a vacuum cleaner shaped like a ball, was conceived and designed by a Dutch engineer Dave Hakkens. Resembling a hamster ball or even a pollen grain, it can be pushed or kicked in any direction to clean.

Dave Hakkens opines that he wanted Dust ball to be tough but also friendly looking. It can be used effectively in large spaces with obstacles or impediments in its path, like cables, door thresholds and walls- for instance public spaces like the airport.

If Dust ball rolls near your feet, give it a friendly shove with your feet and set it off rolling again.

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