Doll up Like a Superheroine with Batgirl and Wonder Woman Costume Shirts

Who says only men can don comic superhero merchandise and pretend to make the world a better place? It is time that we wear the super-women gear and tell the male-kind we too can kick in serious butts if needed.

The female counterpart of Batman i.e. Barbara Gordon and Wonder Woman have been the two most cherished female figurines from DC comics. If these super-heroines have long held you in awe, it’s time for you to treat yourself with the Wonder Woman and Batgirl Costume Babydoll.

These costume Babydolls will make you walk down the memory lane where you spent hours watching these beautiful yet mighty ladies on TV or reading their comics. My personal favorite was Wonder Woman who displayed hues of a strong feminist who hopes to bring sexual equality in a male chauvinistic society. I am pretty sure a lot of women will identify themselves with her for her ideals hold good in today’s realistic scenario as well.

The word costumes often make us think of uncomfortable plastic-like fabrics, but this isn’t the case here. Both the shirts are made up of 100% cotton. The makers have done full justice to the characters, like the detailing of logo and utility belt printed in yellow.  Each of them is available in 4 sizes and comes with a price tag of $18.99. If comic characters are your newly found love, you could check out the Alice in Wonderland Plush Dolls, Despicable Me Nail Art and Hello Kitty Stormtrooper.

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