Bicycle Powered Washing Machine is a Boon for the People of Developing Countries

Women are supposed to be experts at multi-tasking. When it comes to household chores multi-tasking becomes a necessity. However, this is hardly possible when washing clothes by hand.

In many developing countries it is not possible to machine wash clothes due to the absence or scarcity of electric power or the absence of machine itself. Washing clothes by hand leaves one breathless and takes an awful amount of time. Mitch Shivers, a designer from Philippines, is probably well aware of the situation and his new Bicycle Powered Washing Machine is proof of the fact.

Every time we pedal a bicycle we do produce some amount of energy. In countries pressed for energy it is wise to make use of every minute amount of energy produced. And this idea gave birth to a bicycle powered washing machine.

Mitch Shiver’s washing machine consists of a simple bicycle, a 30-gallon drum and an extra wheel to support the drum. When you want to go shopping or workout a bit or just want to go out on a joy ride, throw your dirty clothes into the drum and start pedaling. By the end of your trip you will be returning home with a load of washed clothes. All you now need to do is let them dry completely.

This bicycle powered washing machine comes as a welcome gift for those people living in the developing or underdeveloped countries where electricity is yet miles away. Numerous women have to spend several hours each day washing and drying clothes. This washing machine will not only share the load of washing but will also assist in doing other house-related work. The clothes drum of the machine has been painted in bright colors to give them an even more attractive look. You can have one painted according to your own customized designs giving it your personal touch.

This is not the first time bicycle power has been used to power any appliance. One very old use of the pedaling power has been the knife sharpening job. In the past we have also seen designers trying to use pedaling power to run generators, blenders, and the very recent mobile charger.

Energy is scarce and we all need to use it economically. The use of sustainable energy is being experimented everywhere and put to use wherever possible. This does not only make use of energy that might have gone to waste but also helps maintain a green environment.

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Via: The Design Blog