Bicyclus is a brand new bike sharing system – an idea worth replicating

Sustainable living is something that all of us should be following, a concept everyone should get used to.

A befitting example of sustainable living, is the new Bicyclus social sustainable bike sharing system. Bicyclus is a great concept to green living, and it is an idea worth replicating throughout the world.

Bicyclus is not only a sustainable concept, but the design, and use of materials for making the bicycles also ensures sustainability. Bicycles of Bicyclus are equipped with a great looking combination of the body and the handler of the bike. Along with the handler that has a perforated basket, you will also find several accesories like the automatic LED lights, electronic lock and lock cable, a camera, a pollution sensor, a resistive touchscreen with an antenna, a CPU, an ultracapacitor, a RFID reader, and a speaker.

The city of Copenhagen, disposes 8000 bikes every year, and Stefano Marchetto has come up with a great idea to re-use those bikes. These bikes, are easily expandable, and designed in such a way that makes them easy to use. The bike stations have also been designed modularly, and since they are built from re-used products, they are very economical. Bicyclus makes everyone mobile, and can be used by anyone. It will give you the exercise you need, and you will also have a great riding experience. It introduces a dynamic booking system, which can be incorporated with the existing public transportation system.

The best thing about Bicyclus is that it educates the present users, and the youngsters – future citizens of tomorrow, how their approach should be towards the world, in the future.

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