17 Bizarre and Wacky Kitchen Gadgets To Spice Up Your Kitchen

When it comes to Kitchen Gadgets, there are many different kinds, sizes, and limitations, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be bizarre and practical at the same time. Here are 17 different Bizarre kitchen gadgets that are sure to entertain the chefs out there, who may be looking for a different design and change in their kitchen tools and want to go a little against the grain.

Throwing Knife Block

Not to be taken literally, this cool knife block combines the bizarre circus life with freaky kitchen gadgets.

knife block kitchen gadget

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Gross Egg Separator

This funny and weird kitchen gadget is to separate eggs but looks completely gross as if snot runs out of its nose. Available for $19.95

egg separator kitchen gadget

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Egg Cuber

Besides making people say ‘WTF?’, this kitchen gadget is simply one to change the way eggs have always looked. You can now make them square, so they could fit nicely in a ‘square container’.

egg cuber kitchen gadget

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Rabbit Mixer

This Rabbit designed mixer could make you laugh every  time you use it in the kitchen for all your mixing needs.

rabbit mixer kitchen gadget

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Roll n Pour Gadget

Not necessarily for cooking, but this useful contraption could allow chefs to pour a drink easily even while their hands are dirty and messy.

rolling bottle kitchen gadget

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Medieval Espresso Machine

This crazy looking espresso machine seems like it is some Medieval torture device that is used to killing enemies after you made them coffee.

cool espresso machine kitchen gadget

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Banana Handle

With so many things going on at the same time, you could forget to use a towel when handling hot pots and pans, so this Banana holder is a great solution that remains useful.

banana handle kitchen gadget

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Pacman Oven Mitts

The geeky chefs would love to bring Pacman in their kitchen and make sure they are not burnt when handling hot items and food.

pacman over mitts kitchen gadget

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Corn Kernel Cutter

An easy and painless way to cut the Corn kernels off of the cob, bringing the freshest corn kernels to your plate.

corn kernel cutter kitchen gadget

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Microwave Smores Maker

Almost everyone loves Smores, and this is a great kitchen gadget that lets you make them easily and quickly with your Microwave.

kitchen gadgets microwave smores

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Duck Can Opener

Have a laugh with this can opener as the Duck toy on top quacks…keeping you company.

can openeer duck kitchen gadget

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Toolbox Pizza Cutter

A wacky looking pizza cutter that will slice your Pizza to the slices you wish and make you feel that it came out of the toolbox.

pizza cutter kitchen gadget

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Alligrater Kitchen Gadget

A little break from the norm is brought here with the Alligator shaped grater that could be used to make your audience excited.

kitchen gadget alligator grater

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Food Evaporator Gadget

Evaporate any flavor of your cooking with this sophisticated and advanced kitchen gadget, which allows you to mix your ingredients as you wish and create a syrup and flavor to return to.

food evaporator kitchen gadget

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Smoking Gun

Use some hardwood sawdust in the pipe of this smoking gun, light it up and smoke your meat, vegetables and any other food you wish to smoke.

smoking gun kitchen gadget

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Pig Nose Bowl Cover

A regular bowl and pan cover that will give you an extra laugh in the kitchen and gives a whole new meaning to ‘Pigging Out’.

pig nose pan cover kitchen gadgetpig nose pan cover kitchen gadgets

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Cherry Chomper

Some would argue that it is fun to eat a cherry and remove the pit alone, but after they see this kitchen gadget they would probably never go back to the old ways.

cherry chomper kitchen gadget

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