Blue Denim Jeans and Wallet

If you are a denim lover, then this one’s for you! These denim purses and wallets are made from recycle vintage denim. Yes, that’s right the ‘vintage denim’. The old school denim, which we hardly see anymore, is now being utilized to make purses and wallets.

Honestly speaking, I have always been a fan of such stuff, and now, this one has made me crazy. I am into buying it, and if you are a denim lover, I am sure you would want to buy it too.

What is on offer?

First off, it’s pure 100% cotton denim, and secondly, it’s vintage denim. That combination truly makes these purses and wallets stand out from the rest. The vinyl-trimmed wallet has a sport for license and credit cards, a magnetic closure, and two zippered areas to keep your cash and coins in.

The purse is actually more of a delight. The way it is made is truly fascinating. It is made in the shape of the upper portion of female jeans. The best part is that it works as jeans too. What does that mean? That simply means that all the pockets and compartments in this purse on the outer part are exactly where they would be in your jeans. Two pockets on the front, two on the back and one in the middle with the zippered closure.

The complete set is available for $54.96, and separately, the purse is for $39.98 while the wallet is for $17.98.

The good part here is that you don’t simply buy denim wallets, but wallets and purses which actually look like denim jeans. To some, these might look awkward, but for the denim lovers I am sure it’s a delight. Besides, these are not even expensive so you can revamp your look a bit for a few days and see if it really works for you or not. For me, these are great purses and wallets, and I am really enjoying them. I love denim, therefore, for me these work. If you do too, then why wait? Go on and buy them and add a style statement to your personality!

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