The Bomb Speakers Explode With Musical Goodness

Speakers have the ability to be as much of an expression of our personality as the music we listen to. Everyone has a certain shape, layout, or pattern they are comfortable with for their speakers, and this Bomb speaker design is no different.

As the manufacturer states: “We left some duct tape, chocolate, and a paper clip alone in a room with MacGyver, and this was the result.” If you are looking for some badass edgy speakers that are easy to transport, the Bomb is for you.

As you can see, the Bomb comes in a wide array of color configurations. You can go with red and gray, pink and great, gray white or a number of other color layouts. Once detached and setup the Bomb can deliver crystal clear stereo sound along with some rocking bass. It can also connect to any media player via a 3.5mm input hack. You have two options to give the Bomb power, too, either three triple A batteries or a USB port. As you might expect, the batteries are not included. Still, the price is reasonable, clocking in at $39.99 USD. That’s about what I would expect to pay for quality portable speakers, but you won’t find them at your local electronics store. These bad boys are only purchasable online. Customers of the site appear to be happy with them too. Of the 3 unlucky reviews, all are positive.

So maybe the Bomb is a little too explosive for your taste. If so, we have plenty of other speaker options here on Gadgether. iHome speakers have the convenience and portability in a different design, for example. You could also go smaller if portability is your emphasis with this Keychain Speaker. There is something for everyone, folks.