Butterfly Wing Jewelry Designs Are Ode to Beauty and Freedom

Colorful butterflies fluttering away and gliding on air are a rare delight to watch and they have become metaphor for beauty and freedom. Lisa Black has created beautiful Butterfly wing jewelry designs for necklaces and brooches and these designs truly seem to be an ode to beauty and freedom of the human soul.

butterflywing jewellery designs1

The Butterfly wing necklaces and brooches designs are truly colorful wings with awesome color combinations quite like true fluttering beauties of the nature. The necklaces have gold chain and it goes every well with the butterfly wing pendant.

butterflywing jewellery designs2

It seems as though these colorful wings depict the free soul of the person who wears them. These innovative jewelry designs will only enhance the beauty of the person and can be worn on casual dresses as well as party dresses.

butterflywing jewellery designs4

The glided butterfly wings are foldable hence these pieces of jewelry can be packed very easily in small packages and carried in bags. These creative patterns imitating nature’s beauty are very elegant and stylish.

butterflywing jewellery designs5

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