The New Calf and Half Creamer has Udders

It is called the Calf and Half Creamer, and we found it randomly and happen to think it is cute! This creamer jug has is not exactly and innovative design, but more so a practical design to remind you of where exactly your milk and cream come from. The Calf and Half Creamer is made of  double-walled glass, and so the inner glass is shaped as an udder of a cow and the outer glass just highlights these udders as the source of milk.

funny cow creamer bowl

I have to wonder though, won’t it be weird to have the Calf and Half Creamer sitting at the table and being used to pour out your milk? I think it fits into the idea to make your kitchen look weird and you should take a look at these bizarre kitchen gadgets if you want to find some more gadgets which can do the same.

It is only $19.99 and could help put a smile on yoru face right in the morning.

calf shaped dairy creamer