Car Lashes – Make Your Car Look Prettier Than Ever!

So you are a female driver and like most of them, you like adorning your car to give it a feminine touch. But don’t you think something has been missing all this time? That one last thing that would give your car that perfect feminine look?

For sure something has been and that something is the Car Lashes!

Don’t think that this is just an ordinary pair of plastic lashes! These are specially made for your car’s headlights. They are flexible enough to bend the way you want them to, and they come with a 3M tape that does not take off the car paint nor leave marks on your car. The best part is that you can actually order them. All you need to do is contact the Car Lashes Company and let them know about your requirements including your car’s model and make. In a couple of days, you’ll get your Car Lashes just the way you wanted them to be.

How do you use them?

Using these Car Lashes is pretty easy. As said already, they come with a double sided 3M automotive trim tape. This is the tape that you usually find on different car accessories especially for attaching exterior trims on cars.  So you don’t need to worry about whether it can rip off your car’s paint or not because it won’t. But the only problem with these Car Lashes is that once you have them on your vehicle, you need to be a bit careful. You won’t be able to put your car in the top gear and go on the top speed. So, if you are hi-speed driver, my recommendation is not to even think of these lashes!

What I like about these lashes is that they are pretty easy going. You can easily detach them by slowly peeling them off. However, in case the tape got stuck on the car make sure to use a mild chemical to remove it. You can use car washing soap or liquid to remove any residue of the tape.

Bottom Line:

Well if you are a Paris Hilton fan then these Car Lashes are a must for your car. But, if you are not then most likely you wouldn’t like this idea.

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