Every Chef’s Dream Chopping Board Gadget

The new design of chopping boards by Antony Joseph are so convenient and easy to use that every chef would want to have these, for they allow one to chop and then transfer straight into the cooking utensil.

folding chopping board

The chopping boards are divided into three segments of which the bigger central one is meant for cutting, and the two segments on either side fold up when the handle is pressed.  This way the food can then be transferred straight off the board into your pot or cooking utensil.

new chopping board

These chopping boards are made from polypropylene which is the industry standard. Polypropylene is durable and enduring and unlike other material such as wood, it does not have any pores and will not absorb moisture. They are thus very easy to clean and to maintain. Further, the material can also be used in the dishwasher.

cool chopping board

chopping board gadget

The chop to pot boards come in five varying colour of royal blue, lime green, raspberry pink, white and orange. It measures 19″ in width, 10.75″ in length and 0.5″ in height and can be yours for only $29, with free shipping in IS and Canada.

cool chopping board gadget