Add Some Cheer with Classic Kit Cat Klock

In the times of financial crisis and recession which has affected every household it is very difficult to find something that will make us smile. But sometimes even bringing home modern version of Classic Kit Cat Klock can do the trick and will give us some reason to smile.

classic kit cat klock

Kit Cat Klock has a very interesting history. It was created during 1930s Great Depression when US and other nations were facing economic crisis and unemployment was all time high. This Kit Cat Klock with wagging tail and rolling eyes brought cheer to many homes facing difficult times. The classic design of Kit Cat Klock with mysterious eyes, bow-tie and tail wagging along with each second has been retained here but this modern version Kit Cat clock requires two C batteries, costs $49.95.

It is heartening to see that even in modern geek times certain things remain unchanged and this Kit Cat Clock bears a testimony to this fact. Apparently this clock has been sold at a rate one in every three minutes for 70 years.  Even modern geeks will love to have this historical animated clock as a memory of times when there were no cartoons or games or other modes of entertainment but a simple mechanical mechanism Kit Cat clock had endearing presence in kitchens and homes.

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