The Color Pattern Clock Reveals Time Through Colored Squares

Well, with respect to clock either on your walls or side tables, you really can’t run out of options, but the Color Pattern Clock is not something that you would stumble upon easily. The one-of-its-kind time piece does away with hands and digital numbers. 


It has a LED panel divided into four sections, the first two indicating the hour and the last two is for the minutes.

The Clock will pull up illuminated colored squares and you got to count them to know the time. As in the image, the clock reads 12:45. I personally think this clock scores less on convenience parameters.. You got to be perfectly in your senses to read out the time. You can be groggy or without your pair of glasses.  But if one wishes to bring something out-of-the-box onboard, I guess one has to sometimes tweak with “ease-of-use” features.

It has three brightness settings to blend in with any lighting environment. Since knowing the time would be all about counting color squares here, the clock can be viewed either vertically or horizontally.  You could either place it on your desk or mount in on your walls. Like most table clocks, this doesn’t run on batteries. It is available for as much as $60 and the AC adapter is included.

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