Make Good Old Walking Stick Rightfully Colorful

Walking stick invariably reminds us of old age and we relate it to end of dynamism and all colorful indulgence but it need not be so. Domini Wilcox’s ‘By a thread’ colorful makeover of drab wooden walking stick is truly symbolic.  He has meticulously tight wound different color cotton threads on the walking stick and created set of amazing designer walking sticks, each one with different color combination. Threads are so systematically wound that it gives an aesthetic texture to the surface.

Colorful Walking Stick1

One can gift this walking companion to your grandparents this Christmas or one can simply let it stand in the corner of the room as a subtle reminder of eventual dark fate. There are layers of symbolism in this creation. Only age carries various threads of memories and older one gets they increase in number.

Colorful Walking Stick2

If one can meticulously wind up these threads for good they never get entangled and knotted.  At the dusk of one’s life it is time to look back at the moments of life gone by – the time of innocent childhood, reckless youth, confused middle age and the sudden need of walking stick.

Colorful Walking Stick3

Walking stick is a grim reminder of weakness, youth gone by but one can always lean on it as one leans on good memories during bad times.  Walking stick needs to be rightfully colorful and this ‘By the thread’ design makes it so.  You can watch the DIY video from Dominic Wilcox right below and make your own, but it takes some 15 patient hours.

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