Finding Nemo: Fun Fish Tank Mods

Since buying my first house, I had to sadly accept the fact that my aquarium would need to be put on hold until such a time that I found a spot for it at the new place. Now that my fishies have been given away, I find myself pining for an aquarium once again, and I am already planning to setup a new fish residence at some point in the future. That got me to thinking that not just any aquarium will do, it will have to be something truly unique and unusual. I would like it to be something particularly geeky in terms of theme, but there are tons of fishtank mods out there that are bright, colorful, and downright awesome. Here are a few that caught my eye.

USB Aquarium

If you are looking to setup your own fishtank and space available i running out, consider this USB aquarium. Rather than need to setup a filter, light, plugs, and so on, you can just plug the USB cord into your PC and you are good to go. It would be a great way to decorate your office or even your desk at work if they’ll allow it. You may want to to turn the nature sounds off for a workplace environ, however. The overhead light is adjustable, and filtration is provided via an under-gravel filtration system and low voltage pump. If that functionality isn’t enough for you, then you are also equipped with a clock, LCD calendar, and the date. All in a day’s work for your friendly desktop aquarium.

Nike Air Abuku Fishtank Shoe

I would imagine you wouldn’t be doing much sprinting in this Nike Air Abuku shoe, which as you can see is a lot more than meets the eye. Part of the NIKE78 project, which challenges designers to redefine what Nike shoes are capable of, I have to admit having a shoe shaped aquarium would be the perfect gift for an avid runner.

Fish Tank Toilet

At first glance, you might think that this toilet makes for a great unusual place of residence for your fish, but it probably isn’t functional. In actuality, the clever designer behind this mod has the aquarium built around the perimeter of the toilet, and the flush tank is integrated behind it. I think it might be a little uncomfortable to have a school of fish hanging out, watching you do your business, but I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who would not be bothered by it.

Hanging Aquarium

When you think of the average aquarium, a lot of words like unwieldy and wide probably spring to mind. A clever designer took these usually accurate words for a fish tank and turned them upside down with this hanging aquarium mod. The aquariums, as you might expect, do run on the high end of fish tank prices, but that’s what you’ll pay for a luxurious look and the ability to have your fish hang out anywhere. In your kitchen, in your family room, or even above your computer. These unique aquariums have the ability to go wherever you do, and the filtration system fits neatly into stainless steel tubes. Just make sure that it is properly installed, because a couple hundred pounds of fish-filled water and debris would probably make a mess of any room.

Mac G4 Cube Fish Tank Mod

In all my years in dealing with technology, I learned quickly that Apple/Mac fans are rabid in their fanaticism and questioning any aspect of that is a complete waste of time. You might as well roll with it, and get them a fish tank that a true Mac fan can enjoy. This Mac G4 Cube fish tank shows us that the inside of a computer case also has the ability to sustain life under the right circumstances. Now all they need is to take it one step further and have the computer built into the center of the tank. Such coolness would be beyond my capability, but hey if they can build a fishtank into a functional toilet than building a fishtank around a computer simply can’t be that much more difficult.