Cool Illuminated LED Sinks for a Hi Tech Bathroom

This series of LED illuminated sinks by Jan Puylaert is so different and weird it’s crazy. The sinks are all wall mounted and made of polyethylene, which is very durable and enduring.

red led bathroom sink

The cool LED sinks look funky when lit up and are available in various shades such as lilac, fluorescent orange, lemon yellow, red and white.
The various colors have totally different looks, despite being similar in its design; The white and the lilac can go for the classy, while the yellow, orange and the red are simply crazy and filled with attitude.

The sink comes along with the wall mounting set and halogen (or LED multi chromatic, programmable) light unit, as also a cool faucet and a transformer. The sinks are also available without the lighting, but would then be pretty normal looking sinks. The light unit can either be internal, multicolored programmable lights or simply the regular light fittings.

These amazing LED sinks are about 15”x19”x7” in dimensions, and can be found for $249 to help make your home a Hi Tech bath designed house.