21 Creative Vinyl Record Artworks

The record may not be the most popular form for music anymore, but it paved the road for the innovative Music gadgets and formats we are familiar with today. Still, if you are not an LP record fan, you could still get inspired by the 21 Creative Vinyl Records Artworks we see here, which utilize the old round piece in beautiful ways.

Record Wave

vinyl records wave artwork

An awesome looking wave that was created out of many unused Vinyl Records. It is either gathered from scrapped records, or someone is really stressed about the whereabout of their record collection.

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Slot Car Vinyl

vinyl records slot car racing design

This creative project presents Slot Car Racing on Vinyl Records which actually plays the tunes inscribed within the records. The result may not sound like the next hit single, but the idea is just amazing.

Vinyl Butterfly

vinyl records butterfly artwork

This Vinyl Butterfly from Paul Villinski was created from miniature vinyl butterflies which prove how delicate and extraordinary such work could be.

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Vinyl Fish and Snake

vinyl records giant fish artwork

Jax has taken old records and displayed them as street art in Jacksonville, presenting a snake and a giant fish.

vinyl records giant snake artwork

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Record Clocks

vinyl record revolver art

vinyl record bird art

Cool wall clocks made out of old Vinyl Records that are also made in various shapes such as a Bird, a Penguin, a Teapot and even a Revolver.

Homemade Record Lampshade

vinyl record lampshade artwork

If cut, melted and pressed just right, your old, unused Vinyl Record could make for a cool and retro looking lampshade for your room or garage.

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Moroccan Tables

vinyl record moroccan tables artwork

As explained by artists Groovy Danit & Yinnon Simhi:

Two side tables assembled from laser-cut vinyl records, plywood legs and glass. The tables are inspired by traditional Moroccan design.

vinyl record moroccan tables artwork 1

Vinyl Record Fashion

vinyl record bracelets artwork

vinyl record purse artwork 1

vinyl record purse artwork 2

vinyl record purse artwork 3

Some creative artists end up making some great fashion accessories and jewelry our of old Records. Some noted ones are the purses, bag, bracelets, necklaces and rings.

vinyl record purse artwork 4

vinyl record necklace artwork 2

vinyl record necklace artwork 3

vinyl record necklace artwork 4

vinyl record necklace artwork

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Beard Brooches

vinyl record beard brooches artwork

As explained by the artist Liam Prescott:

Cameo brooches of explorers, inventors, politicians, writers and others of that ilk, imprinted on damaged and discarded vinyl records. By adding content to a material no longer capable of carrying out its original task, it is re-purposed from an emotional container to a container of ideas. Arrayed here are representations of Alfred Nobel, Robert O’Hara Burke and Nick Cave.

Practical Accessories

A few cool accessories that grant the old Vinyl Record an additional use if not being played for music.

Record Card Holder

vinyl record card holder artwork
The Card Holders by Groovy Danit & Yinnon Simhi provide practical simple use of old records, which assist in organization of all those business cards we pick up daily.

Vinyl Record Bookend

vinyl record bookend design
A neat way to display and hold your books up in your home library.

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Fruit Bowl

vinyl record fruit bowl design
A cool way to bring music in your kitchen but not for listening, but for storing your fruits.

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Bonus: Designer Record Players

vinyl record wood manta turntable design
For those who prefer playing their Records and not making artworks out of theme, here are two cool players that are beautifully designed.

The Wooden Turntable and Wood Manta Turntable both grant a cool combo of retro vinyl feel with a beautiful wood finish. For hardcore Vinyl fans, this may be a great addition in your old school apartment.

vinyl record wood turntable design