Jellio Cupcake Table and Cupcake Seat Will Add Fun Element to your Home

Cupcakes are globally popular with young and old and they are part of most people’s childhood memories. Modern super moms may not get time to bake cupcakes and is no need to either when great varieties cupcakes are available everywhere to meet demands of kids.

cupcake table1

Here are two awesome unusual odes to ubiquitous cupcakes – Jellio Cupcake Table and Cupcake Seat.  These awesome twosome will add right kind of fun and fantasy element to your home.

cupcake seat1

These giant cupcakes actually seem to belong to some fantasy land where everything is larger than normal size they look real and quite tempting you. Guests will actually pause and touch before using these Cupcake Table and Cupcake Seat.

cupcake table2

The Cupcake Table has been created out of polyurethane shell with ¼” glass top and is quite big enough to serve as coffee table. The Cupcake Seat again is Polyurethane shell with molded rubber cushion for seat. One can choose from chocolate, strawberry, blueberry or lemon seats.

cupcake seat2

For both, the outer cupcakes (shells) come in different vibrant colors such as red, orange, yellow, blue and many other colors including metallic silver. These cupcakes will certainly catch all attention if you throw a party.

cupcake table3

The Cupcake Table will cost  $750.00 while the Cupcake Seat comes for $900.00. Yes, they will be most expensive cupcakes you have ever bought but they add fun and fantasy to our otherwise real limited world. We do need large servings of fantasy and imagination to cope up with hard realities of life.

cupcake seat3

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