Melissa Shoes: Customizable Fontessa Boot

Finding a perfect outfit with oodles of oomph is undoubtedly, hard work. Trying to find the perfect pair of shoes to go with it is near impossible. The Customizable Fontessa Boot is a new, hip fresh and modern shoe for every fashionable Cinderella on the lookout for that elusive glass slipper.Melissa Shoes Customizable Fontessa Boot

These incredibly unique, innovative shoes designed by Melissa in collaboration with the renowned Italian architect Gaetano Pesce, promise to make any woman feel fabulous and look like a million bucks. The Fontessa Boot is completely customizable to suit every person’s sense of style and initially it will look like a bootie which is made from a series of interconnected circles and can be transformed in several different ways. All you have to do is cut away at the circles using a pair of scissors and you can customize the shoes to your liking. You can play the role of designer, test your creativity skills and make peep toes, sling backs, sandals all with the help of Melissa’s special Fontessa software so that you can map out every single cut.

Melissa Shoes Customizable Fontessa Boot 2

When you step into these shoes, you don’t just look great because these shoes are super comfortable just like the Barbara I Gongini shoes and are perfect for every modern woman – right from a fashion maniac to a girl who has to walk many miles. These shoes smell incredible, don’t make your feet sweat and are available in black, red, off-white, transparent, pearl-blue and translucent orange.

Melissa Shoes Customizable Fontessa Boot 3

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