Cute Decorative Paper Art Trains and Air Balloons for Loved Ones

Paper art never goes out of vogue, be it origami or any other art created out of colored designed papers. Here are very cute Decorative Paper Art items created by Shirley Abramson which can be gifted on any occasion to near and dear ones. These colorful decorative art trains and air balloons can also be used as decorative items during parties or festive seasons.

decorative paper train and air balloon4

The elegant decorative trains and air balloons come in nice colors and hues of red, violet, pink, blue and pastel green decked with polka dots, lines, stars and heart shapes. These beautiful items are entirely handmade and they speak loads about patience and creativity of the artist.

decorative paper train and air balloon2

Trains and air balloons are great symbolisms for journeys and adventures which can imply even freedom from daily drudgery.

decorative paper train and air balloon3

These elegant trains and air balloons bear cute names and these names can be personalized. Your loved one will love to receive a train or a balloon with name inscribed on it.

decorative paper train and air balloon1

The decorative trains are roughly 28.5 cm x 5.5cm x 1.77 cm in dimension while air balloons are 11 cm x 18.5 cm. These are perfect sizes to be displayed in any showcase or any place in home and will add an element of cheer and fun. These items are available on Etsy and each one of them costs only $25.00.

decorative paper train and air balloon5

Sometimes we do need to decorate home spaces and rooms of children and elevate overall mood and such delicate cute paper art decorations often attract more attention than heavy metallic expensive decorative pieces.If your are interested in paper art do check out Amazing Origami Art.