Decay Shelves: an Innovative Design to Your Storage Needs

If you are a lover of the unique designs for simple utility items, then you should definitely take a look at the decay shelves. A standalone shelf useful for storing books as well as other small items in the living room or the study, this shelf is absolutely stunning in its design.

Decay Shelves

Carved out of simple pieces of wood, each of which are cut to a particular shape, the entire shelf is assembled and glued together.

Decay Shelves-2

The design of the shelf is such that no single row is the same. Each shelf row is exquisitely designed to store small items and books, giving it quite an unfinished yet elegant appearance.

Decay Shelves-3

Each shelf is measured to perfection and designed on paper, with exact measurements before the actual wood is cut and molded. Each separate piece is then fitted in its exact place before gluing and coloring to finish the entire project.

Decay Shelves-4

So, if you are looking for a truly phenomenal set of shelves, then do look into this design from Stanislav Katz and you will be truly amazed.

Decay Shelves-5

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