eJOUX: A Digital Fashion Statement

The innumerous ways man has sought to communicate his ideologies and views are unimaginable. The need for communication in itself has led to many innovations in technology as simple as television, mobile phones, computers etc. One common expertise that backs all these creations is the industrial revolution of OLED i.e. Organic Light Emitting Diode.

‘eJOUX’ is now being brought to you by designer Biju Neyyan, who has applied that exact same technology for us to carry around, in our hands, what we want to communicate. If you are thinking of HDTVs or another addition to the arsenal of phones, then you are absolutely wrong! This know-how is now being fused with modern jewelry so that you can wear your views and walk around. An animated commercial on a billboard or computers the size of a notebook or touch screen technology is what sci-fi movies portrayed nearly three decades ago, which then seemed outlandish. But we have already seen these thoughts and theories take birth right in front of our eyes and now we have advanced to that level where we are ready to make our jewelry electronic friendly.

Wear the eJOUX around your neck or wrist, displaying a cluster of text you like. For instance, it is a common sight these days to see the youth wearing arm bands of plastic of rubber with text engraved on them. It can either be a fashion statement made or for supporting a cause. But with eJOUX, it would be so much more cool and convenient to wear the text you want in the color and pattern you desire. This project includes a Bluetooth device that will enable you to upload what you want, be it a text message, a design or even an animation with sound. The best part is that if you connect it to your music player, it would display the current track you are listening to.

It is just one screen all around the band displaying your desire. Besides acting as a plain jewelry, eJOUX becomes an interactive and a visual treat for all your senses. Everyone around you is sure to be stunned and if your friends have one too, you all could have a great time interacting with it. The Bluetooth technology will also let your friends send you just more than texts, viz. designs or patterns or animations. So get set to upload your thoughts and wear them through the eJOUX!

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