Eudora: Stylish Fiberglass Chair

If you are looking for a chair that has a magnificent aura about itself and can heighten the beauty quotient of your interiors, the Eudora would be your ideal choice. This chair made of fiberglass is designed by Critz Campbell.


Upholstered in fabric, and covered in resin, this chair creates a surreal environment, thanks to its illumination from within. No wonder that these hand crafted chairs are a treat to the eyes and enticing enough to possess. If you think that the price tag of $2,949.00 is too steep to buy the Eudora, think again for a lot of effort went into creating these pieces with adequate care to ensure their beauty and serendipity.

If you wish, you may even get your chosen pattern or dyed solids on the fabric, subject to the designer’s approval. So, order now to bring home your Eudora.

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