Fake Pregnancy Test Makes Boyfriends Sweat!

If you’re boyfriend is a typical male chauvinist and thinks sex is nothing but a sport, it’s time to reward him with the Fake Home Pregnancy Test. This thing always shows the “positive” indication and can be used to make guys s%*t bricks!


This one’s really neat for everybody knows any kind of protection isn’t foolproof. So no matter how much the guy argues about being careful, he can’t deny this one and surely fall into the trap. Depending upon his reaction, curt or sensitive, you can judge him right and do the needful. If you don’t want to be so cruel, it’s still a cool to play around with boyfriends sometimes.

I guess I have already instigated women reading this  so I will switch to some other details. It is available for a price of only $10. I am sure the drama that follows after this prank is definitely worth the price.

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Via: FoolishGadgets