Fitbit Tracker: Your Ultimate Fitness Companion

Being fit and staying healthy need no longer be a solitary road. Shaped like a clip-on iPod, the Fitbit Tracker is a device that you can clip on to your piece of clothing while you are working out, working at office, or even while sleeping.

The miniature-tracking device will monitor the calories that you have burned, the calories that you have consumed, the number of steps you have taken, and even the quality of sleep you’ve had.

The Fitbit Tracker is not some imagined science fiction concept that is yet to see the light of day. It is very much a practical reality.

People who have begun a journey of staying fit and healthy prefer to have some kind of company. It could be a friend, a family member, or even an iPod that has your favorite songs.

With the Fitbit Tracker, you get a fitness companion who will track your entire lifestyle- your exercise regime, what you eat, when you eat, how much you sleep- and report it back to you so you will know how healthy a lifestyle you have adopted.

Staying fit is not just about the number of hours you spend in the gym exercising. It is also about your diet, how you manage everyday stress, and the amount of sleep that you get. This is where the Fitbit Tracker aims to be your best fitness friend.

Once you clip on the mini device, it will track your physiological functions through an intelligent 3-D motion sensor technology and relay the information on the tracker’s OLED display. Everything that you needed to know about your daily calorie management is available right at your fingertips.

To track your sleep pattern, simply clip the device to the wristband provided and fasten the band to the wrist you keep above your head while asleep. Once you are tucked in, press the smart button for two seconds. The device will go into ‘sleep’ mode. After you wake up, again press the button for two seconds. This will end the ‘sleep’ mode and will display your sleeping pattern.

Due to the clip-form feature of the fitness tracker, you could carry it anywhere and everywhere. Even to an A-list party. The design aesthetic of the digital device is a stylized mix of jewelry cues and new age electronics. It remains discrete; at the same time you wouldn’t mind showing it off if anybody did notice it.

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