Follow Me Twitter Tattoo Stockings for Geeky Chics

There is this stereotypical image of geeky women as being boring, reclusive, career oriented types but this is a myth, in reality they do multitask, head for parties on weekends and they do splurge a lot on exclusive signature styles. The geeky chics who are always on social networking sites will simply love to sport these FOLLOW ME Twitter Tattoo Stockings for weekend outing or party, and these will go especially well with all the other Sexy Geeky Clothes we seen before. .

Follow me twitter stockings

These thigh high white socks seem to be inspired by the most popular social networking site Twitter and the twitter birdie and the words ‘follow me’ printed on the stockings are so deceptive that they almost seem to be tattooed on the long legs. These stockings will surely draw a lot of attention and people will ‘follow’ more out of curiosity. Of course if one is really reclusive but likes to hand out geeky gifts then this one would be ideal gift for your friend who tweets regularly and guys can gift it to their girlfriends. Twitter bird is symbolic in more than one way – the tiny bird symbolizes independence, freedom and twitting fun. So geek chic gals pull on these socks, tweet, socialize, network and soar high!

FOLLOW ME Twitter Tattoo stockings are available on Etsy and they cost only $18. Do check out this red and black  Red Twitter Bird Pouch, it might just go along the twitter stocking and twitting mood.

Via Gizmodiva