10 Geeky “Save The Date” Cards

Ok so after a long and exhausting journey you picked the venue and date for your big wedding day… now it’s time to send awesome “Save The Date” card to your loved ones so no one will miss your wedding. If you’re a geeky gal you probably want something unique that will show the real YOU. Here are some great ideas for “Save The Date” cards for the geeky couple 🙂

Library Card

This idea would be very cool if you’re actually getting married in a library, but even if you don’t, it can be a great idea if you both really love books.

geeky save the date


Floppy Disc

The floppy disc “Save The Date” can be a cool idea if you’re really into computers. Another great thing about it is that it’s really nostalgic and will immediately put smiles on peoples faces.

geeky save the date 2


Mac calendar icon

Apple lovers, this one’s especially for you! This Mac calendar icon “save the date” is so beautiful!

geeky save the date 3


Ctrl+S The Date

Ctrl+S the date… If you don’t need explanation I guess you’e smiling right now and thinking to yourself: “How come I didn’t think about it first???”

geeky save the date 4


 Math Problem

So it’s not the most complicated math problem in the world but this Math problem “Save The Date” card is very very cute!

geeky save the date 5


Luigi & Princess Peach

Almost every gamer loves Mario Bros and that’s why this Luigi & Princess Peach “Save the date” is so loveable and cute.

geeky save the date 6



This retro calculator “Save the date” design is really really cool.

geeky save the date 8


Glasses and hearts

Glasses are a typical identifying mark of a geeky gal/dude, so why not taking it one step forward and use this identifying mark as a chic design for your “Save the date” card? Add some hearts and you get a pretty romantic result!

geeky save the date 8


Back to the future

If you grew up in the 80′, “Back to the future” is probably a sweet memory for you cause it’s such a great movie (or more correctly: movies). The next couple took their love for this epic movie and put it in their awesome “Save the date” card.

geeky save the date 9



I have a special place in my heart for Infographics (after all, my fiance is one of the co-founders of Visual.ly), and that’s why this is going to be the design for OUR “Save the date” card. Pretty cool, right?

geeky save the date 7