Granja Mixer – The Hen Shaped Mixer

A truly amazing device created and designed by Ms. Elisa Parucker, the Granja Mixer is marketed by the Behance Network, which offers a creative professional platform for young and creative product designers.At first glance, it looks like an attractive toy, very colorfully designed in yellow and red to resemble a bird. It can either be construed as a chick, a hen, or any other attractive fowl. Unscrew its top and you get a hand mixer ready at your disposal.

This unique battery operated device comes in two attractive colors – bright sunshine yellow, and swan white. As simple as the device happens to be, it can be used to beat eggs, whip cream, and mix just about anything in the kitchen.

The Granja mixer is definitely an attractive add-on to a well designed and lovely kitchen, simple in design but great and amazing in utility. That is the Granja mixer for you.

Being a fun loving person, the designer of the Granja Mixer relates this product to having fun, laughter, and well being of a person. Just looking at this unique mixer shaped in the design of a hen or fowl can provoke laughter in the unsuspecting casual client, hoping to check out a mixer. And of course, no one can resist picking up this cute Granja Mixer.

It’s truly amazing and creative to have an egg beater cum mixer designed like that of a hen! And it pleases all homemakers that this hen-shaped Granja mixer does a great job of beating eggs, mixing condiments, and also aids in a whole assortment of mixing related recipes.

This appliance created and designed by Elisa Parucker would open doors of creativity for other product designers to try out their ingenious ideas to create and manufacture newer gadgets based on the product or its utility. Since the Granja Mixer is great for beating or mixing eggs, and it is shaped like a fowl, there can still be newer gadgets that could be designed that closely resemble the animal or bird it is associated with. For instance, a turkey or a swan shaped appliance or gadget.

Homemakers would definitely appreciate a cute appliance in their kitchens since it also helps to enliven homes by its bright colors and uniquely cute design.

It can be handed over to kids too since it is very easy to operate, and it can be a great time to have a  mom-daughter session, helping her to pick up the rudiments of the culinary art. It is time well spent in the kitchen without having to compromise on quality time with kids.

Women love it when they can lay their hands on sleek kitchen gadgets, which hardly take up any space. Appliances like the Granja mixer help in kitchen décor too.  When not in use, the Granja mixer looks like an attractive kitchen showpiece, adding color and vitality to the kitchen.

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