This Hair-Washing Robot Washes Your Hair like Humans!

Technology is getting better day by day and we are getting to see gadgets and robots that are more human like. Of course, some of us really appreciate that, while others consider it a twist of fate.

Well, if for once we don’t think about what T-2 (the Arnold Schwarzenegger) flick taught us about robots invading our world, we can think of better uses, can’t we?

Today, the topic of discussion is this hair washing robot. First of all, let me assure you that it is not any ordinary robot you see in the salons out there. If you have ever used any one of those hair washing robots, you’d know how weird it feels. But, here we are talking about a robot that will wash your hair exactly the same way as your mama did when you were a kid.

Yup, that is right! This hair washing robot is the future of salons! Ten years from now when you’ll enter a solution for a hair-do, you won’t need to fear that hair washing robot. They won’t hurt you or pull your hair anymore because the future robots will massage your scalp and rinse the way you want it to. Softly, gently, and with care, it will wash your hair. Not only this, this robot is also capable of giving you a dry head and neck massage. That for sure is one amusing factor. When you are stressed out, you won’t need to go to the spa anymore if you have this robot at home.

This robot was displayed by Panasonic. It is also integrated with a 3D scanning system, which tracks the shape of the user’s head making it possible to massage your head or wash your hair with care.

Panasonic especially designed the robot to be used in salons and hospitals to give better health care facilities to the patients. For sure, it will be of great help for medical institutes and salons. Patients won’t need to wait if a massager is resting. This robot will be there for the patient’s assistance.

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Via: Device