Hand shaped Bestow Vase and Candle Holder

If you aren’t freaked out by this wall mounted hand posing as a vase by now, you definitely will be once you take a look at the candle holder. These are the Bestow Wall Mounted Vase and Candle Holder designs by Harry Allen, who probably think it is funny in an eerie kind of way.

hand shaped flower vase

These designs are made out of cast mounts of polyester resin and can be easily mounted on any wall. They measure 3.5″ x 6″ x 9″ and do look weird I have to say! Take a look at the candle holder too…

hand shaped candle holder

I have always appreciated innovative designs, but this is quite extreme in a very odd way I have to say. Imagine you are sitting there and suddenly the candle holder topples over…would that not be scary? Or you are still to put up fresh flowers in the vase and someone walks in and is freaked out by the hand in the wall… so I kind of think this should go to the collector’s section of innovative designs, but if you are impressed for any reason, you can buy it for $75.

cool flower vase hand design

If this has caught your attention you might also want to check out the bomb shaped flower vase and the six pack recycled flower vase just for fun.

cool candle holder hand design